img1351  img137

Surface repair of a hydraulic board.

Surface repair of a steering column..

 img139 img141 

Surface repair of a pump plunger.

All kinds of stabilizers are restored on the developed technology at which surface keep a structure of the original, and also hardness on HB scale..

 img143  img148

Surface repair of a shaft.
(elimination of wear and tear defects)

Surface repair of a cardan shaft (elimination of wear and tear defects).

 img153 img155 

Manufacturing of rotary, supporting arms for mirrors of buses and other types of transport.

Manufacturing of door support mechanisms (polyamide material, various hardness depending on application in work).

 img156  img158

Manufacturing of the assembly muft from polyamide materials with the internal metal core. ( diameters depending on orders)

Development and manufacturing of cooling pipes from stainless steel.

 img159 img160 

Manufacturing and development of bumpers from rolled steel.

Specially designed anti-corrosion batten from stainless steel for bus door protection.

 img161  img162

Manufacturing of polyamide bearings from the concrete samples or drawings.

Manufacturing of a bus door directing part from polyamide

 img163 img164 

Repair of the trunnion frame on specially developed technology.

Manufacturing of bus door parts.

 img165 img166

Manufacturing of the metal frame for the bus emergency button.

Repair of various parts of gear box

 img167  img168

Cover for gear box from a silumin

Gear box part

 img169 IMG 0781 


Restoration of brake support and press fitting of bronze mufts

 IMG 0784  IMG 0786

Manufacturing of the bus door rotary part

Restoration of a supporting arm of stabilizers

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 img173 img174 

Pump plunger

Gear box

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